The purpose of this blog

I need a place to express myself, share my thoughts, my experiences, my life as I go through the fires of life.

I have a story that threads through my entire life and now at 60 years of age I am trying to change the course of my life and go out strong, a man of integrity, love and hope. Leave a legacy to my children and grandchildren.

This past year has been a crazy year – I will share more and more about that but one of the things that has impacted me was a letter I received from my daughter and one very similar from my oldest granddaughter. The way they saw me was NOTHING like I’ve seen myself through my years on this earth. It angered me, it frustrated me, then it broke me and I decided to take a look at myself, the life that I’ve built and lived in.

So, I’ll write when I have the urge to write, share what I feel the Lord will have me share. It may be raw at times, but most of all this is for me.


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